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CGG All-glass Court

CGG All-glass squash court® is used for major tournaments in china since 2009, it also received World Squash Federation (WSF)’s accreditation later in 2016. Being the first company in Asia received such recognition.

The CGG glass court can be built according to customer/organizer’s preference. We are delighted to build the perfect glass court for you according to your requirements. (Colors can be request) It offered in much more diverse way, providing a spectacular sight for audience that is on site and even through TV broadcasting. Glass Court

CGG Squash Court Flooring

CGG Squash Court Flooring is particularly designed flooring according to the World Squash Federation (WSF)’s Standard. Manufacturing in mainland china, it is recognized by experts and available in different color upon request. The surface of floor is able to absorb sweat and easy to be maintain.

CGG LED Squash Court Lighting

LED Lighting is supplied with the CGG All-glass Court; it creates a brighter light effect in court. 15 piece of LED light fixtures resulting minimum of 500 LUX that can be adjusted accordingly. The LED lighting will solve the problem of player seeing the ball and providing spectators to have great visual experience during matches.  The squash court lights layout has been developed to ensure good ball visibility in center of the squash court as well as in all four corners.

CGG Height Adjustable Tin

The CGG height adjustable tin is applicable for all squash courts. The standard height adjustable between 430mm to 480mm. Professionals required playing with 430mm tin, whereby the normal height 480mm is for social/clubs up to national playing standards.

CGG Special aluminum alloy fittings

The Special aluminum alloy parts comply with CGG design standard for all squash courts. The use of high strength aluminum alloy T61, high strength and high wear resistance is the primary guarantee for safety.

Standard fasteners

CGG uses international standard fasteners to ensure your safety and make maintenance of the site a simple matter

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